+ Igualtat + Rentabilitat + Talent

Equality + Rentability + Talent

Many companies need to improve their economic results and retaining their talent, even more in times of crises, but not all of the companies know how to resolve these two problems swiftly at the same time, in a real and effective way. The main reasons are the next ones:

According to a report from the International Labour Organization, companies that have established equality measures have increased their benefits between a 5% and a 20% (1).

On average, the women of all the European Union, usually have a higher level of education and they highly value the active equality policies and the diversity in order to decide in which company to work for. So, if in Europe, more than 70% of the companies look fora proactive way to attract and retain feminin talent, it is essential that have internally established these gender and diversity policies (2).

It has been demonstrated that the companies that are more egalitarianenhance better these elements (3):

  • Improvement of the working atmosphere and the motivation of the workers. The result of all this is theoverall improvement of their performance and their personal commitment to the company
  • Introduction of a differentiating element ofthe competition, increasing their credibility and reputation.
  • Improvement of the external image and a recognition from the competition, the clients and the suppliers.
  • Detectionand prevention of situation of discrimination
  • Provides competitive advantages to companies that want to work with public administrations.

We cannot forget that the principle of equality is a universal legal principle, henceforth it is mandatory that it be respected and assured in all aspects of life, without forgetting the working area andtheenvironment.

In essence, equality plans are a first instrument in order to apply equality measures in the companies, and therefore a increase in benefits, a major capture and retainment of talent, animprovement of the working environment and the motivation of the workers.

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2.-World Economic Forum: The Global Gender Gap Report. (more information)

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