Training in gender equality and coeducation at Castelldefels Town Hall

Training in gender equality and coeducation for the group of municipally-elected councillors who participate as representatives of the School Councils.

This training was divided into two main blocks:

  • Block 1, Gender equality: this block aimed to ensure that everyone had the same basis in the field of basic content (difference between sex-gender, gender stereotypes and roles and gender differential socialisation process) to then make a historical radiography of the beginning of public policies with a gender perspective up to the present day.
  • Block 2, Coeducation: this more specific block basically focused on explaining what coeducation is, what its benefits are and finally, defining new proposals and good practices.

For this training we collaborated with Amparo Tomé, a sociologist and researcher specialising in the sociology of education and known for her work on education and gender.

Castelldefels City Council - 2022

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