Advisory services and design of the shared reflecion process for elaborating the “Viladecans 2030” strategy and the local urban agenda

The Viladecans City Council planned in 2019 the need to develop a participatory process to create the  Viladecans 2030 Strategy, a document that defined the strategic framework of the city for 2030, to prepare it for the year 2050. The main objective of this document was to guide the administration and help it face global challenges in a proactive and committed way, in order to anticipate and maximize the economic, social and institutional opportunities present in Viladecans.

In order to promote the participation of citizens in this whole design of the Viladecans of 2030, together with the Etcèteres Cooperative, we defined, implemented and analyzed the phase of shared reflection with citizens and the main social agents of the territory.

Methodology and tasks performed

The tasks they carried out to be able to carry out this participatory process were the following:

  • Reading and exhaustive analysis  of the documentation provided by the staff of the City Council in order to prepare the whole process of shared reflection.
  • Organization of five online conferences-dialogue: in this case, the entire process of technical secretariat and irrigation of the five online conferences was carried out. Some of the activities we carry out are the following:
    • Identification and contact with guest speakers.
    • Definition of participation tools: techniques, methodologies and dynamics of virtual participation.
    • Design and support in the recruitment of participants.
    • Facilitation of participatory dynamics during webinars.
    • Preparation of the necessary materials for the development of the webinar.
    • Collection and analysis of contributions.
  • Monitoring, collection and analysis of the contributions and contributions of citizens through the Platform “Fallamos Viladecans”
  • Design of the search for contributions off-line, aimed at those people who do not have so easy access to the internet.
  • Design and execution of activities to collect the participation of adolescents and young people from Viladecans.
  • Dissemination and collection of children’s contributions through a family notebook.

Finally, once all these activities of the participatory process had been carried out, a final report was prepared that included the detailed analysis of all the contributions presented in the Joint Reflection Phase. Thanks to this final document, the priority lines of action for the Viladecans 2030 Strategy and the Urban Local Agenda were established.

Viladecans Town Council - 2020-2021

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