Internal and external Equity Plan for FEPA (Federation of Entities offering Assisted Projects and Apartments) 

Realization of the first internal and external Equality Plan of FEPA, a federation that works throughout the Spanish State and that brings together a septuagenarian of entities dedicated to projects and management of assisted flats for women, children, youth and vulnerable groups.

We are going to carry out this internal and external equality plan with the collaboration and commitment of all FEPA staff. We are going to start this whole process with the creation of the equal equality commission, formed by people sensitized to the issue and with a high will for change. In order to broaden their knowledge of gender equality and to bet on the proper functioning of the commission, a training session of approximately four hours was organized for all members of the commission. At the same time, we will also accompany the process and training of the equality agent of the Federation.


Methodologically, in the diagnosis phase, not only was a quantitative analysis opted for, but also activities were carried out in the qualitative field:

  • Online survey addressed to all staff, where different questions of each of the areas of study of the plan were asked. In this case, as no discussion groups were held, a final section was created with questions with a longer answer option to collect opinions and perceptions of each of the areas.
  • Personalized interviews with key people of the entity and the management to finish specifying some of the issues that arose throughout the procedure.

Once this diagnosis was made, the equality plan was drafted and all the actions that the federation must carry out during the next four years were configured. At the same time, the entity’s registration and remuneration audit were also carried out.

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