Consultancy service and preparation of the guide on inclusive and non-sexist language of the Diputació de Barcelona

Consulting service 

Project where we take care of making an assessment, analysis and diagnosis  of the Style Book of  the Diputació de Barcelona from the gender perspective and applying an inclusive and non-sexist language.

The methodological procedure we followed was an exhaustive review of all the content of the manual in order to detect the modifications to be carried out and highlight the corrections to be applied. In order to collect all this information, a report was written containing the different proposals for changes or modifications necessary to adopt an inclusive and non-sexist language in the institution.

Next, we designed a script proposal for an audiovisual material, which included a pill or piece through social networks and the website. The main objective was to disseminate and raise awareness about the need for a good use of inclusive and non-sexist communication by all the staff of the Diputació de Barcelona. In this case, a clear mention was also made of the importance of not focusing solely on written or oral language, but it is also essential to bet on inclusive and non-sexist communication in non-verbal, visual and audiovisual communication.

Finally, an accompaniment service was offered in order to support all the applicability of the changes made and to be able to jointly resolve the doubts and questions around this entire analysis.

Guide to non-sexist communication

At the same time, work was also carried out on the revision of the Guide for non-sexist communication.

In this case, a report was drafted containing the different proposals for improvement in order to broaden the areas that were being discussed in this guide and include not only inclusive and non-sexist communication in written and oral language, but also in non-verbal, visual and audiovisual communication.

Barcelona Provincial Council - 2021

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